<p><b>ARRIVAL AND KEYS</b></p><p>Please arrive from 4pm. You will have received a keysafe code to gain access. You will find 2 keys in the cottage for your use during your stay.</p><p>Please ensure the keysafe key is locked back into the keysafe so it’s ready for use as required.</p><p>Using the NHS Covid app scan the the below code to check in.</p><p><img src="/xml/wfxdirect/res;jsessionid=E7E95FC49892BD2A6C81ED5948CDB7C6.TC4a?name=A8DFD9DE-71BC-4BDE-B7A3-79C15C0623B3.jpeg&type=image" wfxtype="resource" wfxsrc="A8DFD9DE-71BC-4BDE-B7A3-79C15C0623B3.jpeg" border="0" /></p><p><b>Parking</b></p><p>Parking is available on the road outside the cottage. There are no parking restrictions in the village and parking is available on a first come first served basis. This does mean that at busy times of day (particularly in high season when the pub is busy with lunch and dinner service) it’s not always possible to park on Trenhaile Terrace, and you will need to park elsewhere in the village. This could be a short walk away, so as the road is quiet enough for you to stop at our gate, we suggest you drop off any cargo or passengers before moving the car to park.</p><p><b>On Departure</b></p><p>When departing, please check that none of your belongings have been left behind. If you discover you have left anything behind at the cottage, please contact us directly so arrangements can be made to return them. Please be mindful that these may incur postal charges. On departure, please make sure the back door is locked, leave both keys in the sitting room and pull the front door behind you. We kindly ask that you vacate by 10am at the latest on your day of departure. </p>