Heating and Hot Water

Both are electric. The hot water cylinders are located in the loft and can be controlled remotely. The water should be hot on your arrival.

There is underfloor heating in the cottages downstairs and a radiator in the bedroom. These are programmed to come on and off remotely depending on the seasonal temperatures.

The woodburner is also an important heating source for the cottage, and in the cooler months makes the cottage extremely warm and cosy. 

Please let us know if you if you are too hot or too cold rather than attempting to adjust anything yourselves. 

The Woodburner

In the inglenook fireplace in the sitting room, the woodburner will be left stocked with firelighters, kindling and logs to get you going except for the summer season. Before use, make sure the ashtray is empty using the handle provided, there is nothing on top of the burner (as it will melt!), and the vents in the doors are open. You will need firelighters and kindling to start. It takes some time to really heat up, but once it does, the whole burner gets extremely hot, and you will need to use the handle provided to open the doors, and avoid touching it. The vents can be closed once the fire is burning for slower combustion. For best results, we recommend you read the operating manual in the left-hand drawer of the pine table in the sitting room. Please never leave the doors to the woodburner open when not in attendance and if you are storing wood make sure that it is stacked away from the body of the stove.