The Samsung television has its own controller but may also be controlled via the SKY controller.  Please refer to the instruction manuals if you are having difficulty operating it. Please also note that ALL the normal tv channels are provided via SKY dish so you do have to select Satellite/STB under source on the  Samsung TV remote to view any channels. We have a subscription that includes SKY sports. 

Use the Samsung controller to turn the TV on. If it says “no signal” then change the source from TV to SKY. If there is still no signal the SKY box might not be turned on so select the power button on the SKY remote. Very occasionally the SKY box may be unresponsive if it has not been used for some time, in which case switch it off and back on again and you should be okay. 

Netflix/Amazon Prime and Catch Up services are sourced via the ROKU box. This can be selected again by using the Samsung remote source button. Once you have selected there is separate smaller remote for choosing your channels. 

There are a selection of DVDs and a DVD player located in the cupboard directly below the TV. Again use the Samsung source button to access the DVD and then the separate DVD remote to operate the DVD player. 

There is a Sonos stereo system in the sitting room linked to the cottage WiFi. If you have your own Sonos or Spotify account you will be able to use them once logged in to our WiFi network. Alternatively you may use them via the cottage iPad. 

The Washer/Dryer
Offers a variety of programmes, turn dial to “reset” before selecting the programme you require. The dryer is not terribly efficient, so please only use if necessary. If required, it will only dry a very small load. A clothes airer for drying laundry is located under the stairs.There is also a hoover, an iron and ironing board in the cupboard under the stairs. 

Select the on/off button on the left-hand side of the door, and then the programme required on the right hand side. It automatically switches on when the door is closed. Dishwasher tablets are in the bottom drawer of the drawer stack. Please remember to select the on/off button after the wash is complete.

The kitchen is fitted with Neff & Zanussi appliances. If you are not sure how to use an appliance, please refer to the instruction booklets for each appliance which you will find in the right hand drawer of the dining table.

Double oven/grill with fan oven, grill and circotherm functions. The bottom oven is a circotherm fan oven – simply turn the temperature dial to the required temperature.

The top oven features conventional cooking (top/bottom heat ideal for pastries & scones), full surface grill and centre surface grill. Select the temperature required on the temperature dial and the function required on the other dial. If you use the grill, please make sure you clean the grill pan thoroughly afterwards.

Note: the clock must be set for the oven to work, if by chance there is an electricity cut, the clock will need resetting before the oven can be used. Please refer to the instruction booklet in the drawer of the dining table.

Select the number of seconds/minutes you require by turning the dial, and then select the power required from the buttons below the dial.

4 quicklight cooking zones (1 dual zone) with electronic touch controls. Select the left-hand switch to turn on power. Please refer to the instruction booklet in the dining table drawer for further details.

A Weber bbq is provided. For details go to the Outside section.