Refuse and Recycling

Our rubbish is collected on Fridays by a private refuse service. If you are leaving on a Friday please place all your refuse in the outside bin before you leave. Please place sealed bin bags in the external bin on the front terrace, from where they will be collected. If at possible please try and amalgamate in to one larger bag as we get charger per item no matter how small!  Do not place loose items directly in the wheely bin as they will not be collected. Spare bin bags are located under the kitchen sink. On rare occasions the collections takes place on a Saturday morning so if there refuse bags out on the terrace when you arrive and it hasn’t disappeared by the evening by all means let us know and we will contact the company.

The refuse is sorted and divided by the refuse company, so you can put recyclable materials in the main bin along with general household rubbish however, there are recycling centres in the Waitrose and Sainsbury car parks so it would be much appreciated if you take glass bottles and newspapers to these dedicated units.

As they recycle 100% of their waste, the refuse company CANNOT take dog waste, so please use the public waste bin opposite the pub to dispose of your dog waste. 


A Fire
In the event of a fire call 999 and assemble in front of the cottage at street level. Check all members of your party are safe. If you need to exit via the back door, there is a key handing on a hook to the left hand side and window security looks in all of the bedrooms. Fire extinguishers are located in the kitchen and at the top of the stairs, and there is a fire blanket in the kitchen. There are also 2 linked smoke alarms in the cottage that emit an ear-piercing shrill when triggered. 
 Do remember that most house fires are caused by human error so do be careful and considered. Above all please- Never smoke inside the cottage. Never leave a naked flame unattended (this includes the BBQ, the wood-burner and a solitary candle that may only be burned on the sitting room coffee table!)

A Power Cut
We keep a torch in the under-stairs cupboard for use in an emergency. As with all modern consumer boards, the RCDs (fuses) may trip out if a lamp blows. The consumer board is located in the cupboard below the stairs. In this event, look for the circuit with the tripped switch (downward position) and reset it. If it continues to trip please contact us for further advice.

A Mishap
A first aid kit is stored in the bathroom. Please let us know if you use any of the kit so we can replenish as needed.

A Water Leak
The stopcock is located under the kitchen sink. Alternatively there is a tap in the threshold (under a flap outside the front door between both cottages).