Cleaning products are located under the kitchen sink, in the under-Stairs cupboard and under the basin in the bathroom. Spare bin bags are in the small drawer under the kitchen dresser unit.
A cordless Dyson is in the cupboard under the stairs. Please plug the charger cable back in if you use it so it’s ready for the next Use.

Linen and Laundry
Ariel tablets are in the kitchen. The iron is in the airing cupboard in the bathroom, and the ironing board and airer are in the double bedroom wardrobe.

Store Cupboard Essentials
Unfortunately we have been advised to limit these provisions due to C0vid-19, so we are only able to provide olive oil, tea, coffee, sugar and salt/pepper. 

If you have brought your pooch along please ensure they don’t use the sofas or bed as their bed. 

Never leave them alone in the cottage. It will be a new environment for them and they will feel insecure, and are likely to bark/howl/chew. 

Please make sure you bag up any doings promptly and dispose of in the dog waste bin adjacent to the pub (the cottage refuse collection service can not take pet waste!)